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Many of us plan our face just as carefully as we do our clothing, shoes, and accessories… and for good reason.

Everything we cover our bodies with is just that, a covering. But our face? That’s us! No way around it.

This Season’s Trends

Balancing beauty and makeup trends with what looks good on us as individuals can sometimes be a trick. Fortunately, this season’s trends offer enough diversity that there’s something here for everyone to look great in.

The Guidelines

There are two:
• get clean
• pick a feature

Read on for some gorgeous beauty and makeup tips centered around this season’s trends.

Get Clean

A fresh, clean face is the foundation of this season’s hotness. For everyday wear, this means minimal makeup.

An excellent concealer (like Almay Clear Complexion or Origins Quick Hide) topped by a dusting of translucent powder can be just the ticket to a complexion glowing with health and beauty.

When you do need to wear foundation, keep it as sheer and dewy as possible.

Let yourself shine through. After all, you are the basis of your beauty!

In keeping with a clean face, white eye shadow (in both matte and shimmer) is in high use this season. It brightens around the eyes leaving you looking youthful, well-rested, and wholesome.

Pick a Feature

Once you have your skin tone smoothed out, it’s time to pick a feature to emphasize. Eye or lips?

Be bold with one of them: either slap on rich, striking lipstick in orange, wine or classic red while leaving your eyes neutral (pictured above), or emphasize your eyes and leave your mouth pale (pictured below).

For neutral eyes, brush on white, pale colored, or flesh toned eye shadow. Keep your eyeliner thin and only on your top lid. And go light on the mascara.

Then, in contrast, your mouth should be luscious and tempting. No dry color allowed—keep it satiny and inviting.

For strong eyes, cat eye liner does the trick. In addition to your liner, be bold with your eyeshadow— whether you are wearing color or sticking to smoky neutrals (see picture below).

Keep your eyeliner crisp and heavy on your upper lid. On your lower lid, a slightly smudgy line will keep you looking sultry and a little dangerous. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like to look a little dangerous when dressed up?

Always Remember

Makeup and beauty tips are not unadulterated truths. They are ideas. Makeup and beauty are, ultimately, about you looking your best.

Fashion trends are fun and can help us be creative, but if you don’t like them, or if they do not look good on you, don’t use them.

Like a flattering, straight legged pair of jeans in a world of high rise, low rise, narrow legs, and bell bottoms, there are always classic makeup techniques that work on nearly everyone. Ultimately, do what works for you.

You are the basis of your beauty! Let yourself shine.