Snob Shack Spectacles

currently crushing, snob shackLast night my friend Stacey and I went back to Snob Shack on Melrose to get fitted for new glasses – remember that great event a couple of weeks ago where we met with Mitch and learned more about glasses and their proper fit?  We had a blast trying on pair after pair of designer and vintage frames…



currently crushing, snob shackDid you spot those vintage Louis Vuitton’s down there?  It was hard to focus (pun intended) on choosing frames with all of those fabulous bags calling out to me to take them home…

currently crushing, snob shack, vintage louis vuittoncurrently crushing,snob shackcurrently crushing, snob shackcurrently crushing, snob shackAfter trying on a billion cute frames I was finally able to narrow it down to the perfect pair!

currently crushing, snob shackIf you’re anywhere near LA and need new glasses, sunglasses or an authenticated vintage designer bag (including that drool-worthy white Chanel in the front case) please visit my friends Mitch and Kelly at Snob Shack.



  • Lindsay Truax

    These glasses are amazing. Love your vintage post here.

  • Love the glasses 🙂

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