Horsing Around with Clover Canyon

IMG_0208It’s officially the start of Memorial Day weekend and white shoes season and the beginning  of my favorite time of year! The sweet spot between Memorial Day and Labor Day is when I’m happiest.  Long, sunny days,  nights at Hollywood Bowl and dinners eaten on the sand at Will Rogers Beach – when my daughters were smaller we went every Wednesday night and called it ‘Beach Night’.  We used to load up on goodies from Trader Joe’s and then sit on a blanket and eat our crazy dinner of chips, cheeses, dips and cookies and play around until the sun went down.

IMG_0218Yesterday I threw on this Clover Canyon dress for my ritual coffee run and my boyfriend suggested taking pictures in this surprisingly rural area just off of Ventura Blvd.  Another thing I love about LA is how you can be in a busy, city environment one minute and then out in the ‘country’ the next!

IMG_0236I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend! xoxo