Stripes and Hunter Boots

hunter boots, currently crushingThere is no sign of rain today in LA but if I waited for a rainy day I’d hardly ever get the chance to wear these favorite wellies.  I’ve been crushing on the shorter length ones but considering our lack of rainy days I’m not sure that I can justify getting another pair.  I’m still having fun styling this dress in different ways:


zara cool sweater, zara mustard sweater, currently crushing5266I’m happy to report that I only have two more gifts to buy and then my holiday shopping will be finished and I can focus more on something I love to do and haven’t done yet this season…BAKING!! I love to bake and I’m looking forward to getting started on my best cookie recipes: homemade oreo’s and peanut butter kisses.

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  • Julia Bradbury

    Aww Kristi, like you I don’t wait for rain to wear my Wellies and often slip them on when i’m going to work on a sunny day or on a date with my boyfriend and seeing you wearing your Wellies makes me very happy you look really yummy..

    • Thanks so much, Julia! I love that you wear them in any kind of weather – they’re so cute and comfy,

  • Karen Liesens

    you’re first outfit is my favourite! I love the dress! The color of your hunter boots is so pretty! I wear my rain boots often to work even when it’s not raining!

    x Karen

    • Thank you, Karen – I’m glad I’m not the only one who wears them when it’s not raining!

  • foodfashionandflow

    I love the second look, but you look great in all three. I think I am pretty obsessed with stripes. Love the different looks you put together.

    • Thanks so much!! The second look is my favorite, too – I like this dress better as a skirt…

  • I also wear my hunters when it´s not raining !! I just can´t wait for the rain 😉

    • Hi Marta! I got tired of waiting for rain here in LA!
      Happy Holidays,