Mystery Japanese 80’s Sweater Dress

IMG_6505IMG_6522IMG_6541Whenever I find a vintage item with a label I’m unfamiliar with I search online to learn more about the line and it’s designer.  With this big, striped sweater dress I was unable to come up with anything at all! I think this is a first for me.  I found this dress at an estate sale in my neighborhood a few weeks ago.  I bought several items, all clearly from the 80’s and ended up paying $3-$5 for each one.  So, here’s what I know about my mystery dress: The label reads “MINNA Nokia” and was made in Japan.  It’s wool and acrylic and the shoulder pads are attached with Velcro – common in the late 80’s.  My online search revealed a current Minna label, created by Finnish designer Minna Hepburn but has no connection at all to this Japanese dress.  I think the mystery surrounding this dress makes me love it even more.

IMG_6539Any ideas on how I can find out more about this label? Has this ever happened to you with vintage finds?