The Benefits of Purchasing Organic Makeup Products

All-natural, organic, sulfate-free—each of these words and phrases can be categorized as buzzworthy topics we don’t fully understand. Most of us aren’t experts, but thankfully, you don’t need to be to understand what to buy when it comes to organic makeup products.

Organic Makeup ProductsThe Dangers of Using Non-Organic Makeup and Lotions

More and more of us are realizing every day that the lotions, potions, and makeup that we put on our skin can be potentially harmful, due to the chemicals that they contain. Studies have shown that your run-of-the-mill cosmetics can actually contain carcinogens, hormones, and neurotoxic ingredients.

And, this just in: our skin can absorb up to 60% of the products we put on it! This means that over time, a chemical buildup can and will occur—yuck. Chemical buildup can cause many health problems for both beauty mavens and the ordinary gal alike. Let’s just say that if you’re not feeling well on the inside, you won’t look good on the outside, either.

How Do I Know It’s Organic?

If you want to be 100% sure that you’re using organic makeup products, the product itself needs to have:

  • At least 95% organic ingredients
  • Natural methods when creating the organic makeup products
  • No synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • No testing on animals

The Benefits of Organic Makeup

There are several pros to using organic makeup products—namely:

  • All-natural products reduce the chemicals you come into contact with.Your typical beauty buys, regardless of price, will usually contain a high amount of toxic chemicals. If you use these chemical-packed makeup products on a daily basis, it will cause a chemical buildup in your body, which can lead to numerous health problems.

For example, non-organic sunscreen contains oxybenzone and benzophenones, and usage can lead to buildup that causes itching, burning, allergies, and dermatitis. If you live in a sunny climate make sure you’re using an organic sunscreen, like Honest Sunscreen Lotion in SPF 30. At only $13.95, it’s a real steal, and it’s safe to use on baby! Zinc oxide is its only active ingredient. Honest is a company committed to being all-natural, just the way we like ‘em!

  • Organic products are safer. Made from natural, organically grown ingredients, it is unlikely that they will cause any negative side effects.
  • They are effective. Just because organic products don’t contain harsh chemicals doesn’t mean that they don’t work! They certainly do their job, and are, in fact, more effective than non-organic products. They typically have higher nutrient levels and contain essential vitamins, minerals, and secondary metabolites.

You can find organic makeup products in nearly any store you frequent—from the drugstore to the department store counter! Always read the product label before your purchase.

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