An A’peel’ing Peel

5(1)Do you remember last month when I went to that 2020Ave pop-up on Melrose and tried this exfoliant on my hand?

I’ve been using this ORG Organic Mineral Peel 3-4 times per week ever since and I can’t believe the difference in my skin.  It’s much gentler than the scrubs I had been using and is not irritating to my skin at all.  The little freckly sun-damage spots that popped up on my face and chest over the past few years have started fading and my skin feels incredibly smoother than it did just a month ago.  I’ve been using it at night right before bed and then rinsing it off and patting my face dry and I wake up with my skin feeling softer and more hydrated than with any of the night creams I had been using!

My exciting news it that I contacted Suzie from ORG to let her know how much I love this product and we’re going to meet for lunch today at Caffe Concerto so I can learn more about their products.  If you’re not familiar with ORG please check out their website.  I’m so impressed with how natural this peel is – completely toxin-free and filled with ingredients like omega 3’s,  jojoba, cucumber and grapefruit seed.   I’m excited to meet with Suzie and share more about ORG with you!