Boots to Invest In

tamara mellon moto boots

After nearly a month of hemming and hawing over these boots I decided to place my order and hoped I would like them as much in person as I did online. There were several near-knock-offs out there but I really wanted to treat myself with a beautiful new pair of boots this season; because, let’s face it, it’s been QUITE A YEAR.

And if there’s one thing that really thrills me to the core it’s black boots. Not sure if you’ve seen my Instagram post with my top 25-or-so favorites but here you go:

I was lucky enough to nab these ones during a flash 40% off sale so that made my decision a little easier and as soon as they got here I knew that I made the right choice; the quality is amazing and I’m so glad I got these ones – sometimes a girl’s gotta splurge a bit!

You can check them out right here: