Revamp Your Space: Home Decoration Design from Vintage to Modern

When it comes to revamping your space, the little embellishments are just as important as the major furnishings. Paying attention to the finer details will help you pull your entire home decoration design together and wrap it up in a neat bow. Whether you are going for a more modern look, embracing the vintage, or hoping to fall somewhere in between, take a look at some of these inspirations. Once you have an idea of what you’re interested in, you’ll know what types of decor to look out for.

Door Knobs

You may not often think about something as little as a doorknob, but when entering a home, the doorknob is the first thing you’re in contact with. Those first impressions count!

If you lean toward a timeless vintage style, try a pair of brass and amber knobs. Going for more modern chic? Look for a less traditional shape, like these square door knobs.


vintage lampshadeLighting fixtures play a key role in setting the tone of a room. If you have a traditional bowl of fogged glass hiding your naked bulb, it’s unlikely to catch your visitors’ attention. By simply amping up the style and choosing a shade or chandelier that goes with your overall home decoration design, it will feel like you’re walking into a whole new space.

For a light fixture with vintage appeal, go for a Tiffany pendant light with a beautiful shade. For a sleek modern look, I particularly love the Astron Tri. With the Astron Tri, you have a lot of color options to choose from, and I love adding a pop of color to my home decoration design schemes.

Other Small Decor to Freshen Up:

  • Curtains
  • Throw Blankets & Pillows
  • Vases and Decorative Bowls
  • Picture Frames
  • Rugs
  • Lamps/Lamp Shades

The Furniture at Center Stage

Once you’re done picking out the little things, it’s time to complete your new home decoration design with a large piece of furniture that can take center stage. I love this cloud blue Abigail loveseat for a more classical-style room.

If your style is more contemporary, you could go for a leather armchair from Hokku Designs, or a Dion leather round chair from Home Loft Concept. And if you want something in-between, an edgy classic that’s fresh, but has a touch of tradition, choose this iris tufted vanity dining chair with literary French script.

For more ways to revamp your space with inspiring home decoration design, keep checking back to see what I’m Currently Crushing!

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