Salmon, Lobster and Dries

I wore these J Crew salmon jeans so much this summer that I pretty much got sick of them but then I found this fab dress/top at a thrift shop out in Phoenix earlier this month and I like the way they look together.  It isn’t exactly a lobster print but I like to name my clothes so this one is my lobster dress.

Check out those lashes! I had falsies put on (a mix of short and medium individuals) for that party Saturday night and they’re still on! I love the way they look.  I want to learn how to put them on myself.  I can do the ‘strip’ ones but they never look as good as the individuals to me.

These Dries Von Noten heels are from a few years ago, they’re comfy and easy to walk in.  The weather here has been crazy – we had a few chilly days and now we’re back to mid 70’s to 80’s.

I’m working on a fun project to share and I hope to get some reader submissions and guest bloggers to take part! Next week I’ll be launching my first of a weekly celeb style series and I can’t wait – it’s something I’ve been doing on my own for years and now I’m excited to share it with you!  xoxo