The Llama Pole

IMG_8686My boyfriend and I always drive by this pole/hedge thing that looks like a llama to us on the way home from our morning 7-11 coffee run.  We talk about taking pictures of it but this morning we actually stopped to do it! We found out last Friday (while we were at Day 1 of Coachella) that we got that house that we were hoping to buy.  It was nothing short of a miracle – we put our house on the market 2 weeks ago and made an offer on the new house but we were outbid and then the deal fell through and then we were hopeful again and then it looked like the higher offer was back on and it felt like we lost that house twice and then suddenly we got an offer on our house and then the seller of the new house accepted our offer! Phew! It’s hard to believe that it all worked out and we’ll be out of here and in our new place in 30 days.  We’re already getting nostalgic about all of our favorite spots here in this neighborhood – that’s why I’m hugging the Llama Pole.

IMG_8659This is a pretty casual ‘run to coffee’ look for me.  I’ve been living in this Wildfox sweatshirt for the past few days and before that it was the white one with the big diamond on it that I wore last week on my very last day of wearing braces.  They’re so soft and cozy – I feel like I’m wearing jammies.  Here’s another shot of my new favorite thrifty find… those pointy toe vintage $3 Keds from Palm Springs:

IMG_8681Later this morning I’m heading to the Cooper Building for a visit with the fabulous handbag and accessories line “Linea Pelle” – I’m so excited to see their beautiful bags and share pictures of my visit with you.  Happy Weekend! xx