Ways to Avoid Harsh Chemicals with All Natural Skin Care Products

You don’t want additives in your food—why would you want them on your skin?  All natural skin care products are all the rage right now, and for good reason—we’ve progressed as a society and we realize that the chemicals that come in pre-packaged foods, and even beauty products, are dangerous.

That’s why you, as a gorgeous, flawless woman, should know the best ways to avoid the harsh chemicals found in many skin care products. Below are the top three chemicals most often found in the bottles in your bathroom:

Coal Tar

It’s hard to believe that something called “coal tar” could be found in your favorite beauty buys—but it can be. Though it may sound disgusting, it is known to help dry skin. However, coal tar is also a known carcinogen that is banned in Europe, but still currently used in North America. If you have dry skin and have used a product that wasn’t an all natural skin care product to remedy your affliction, it may have had coal tar in it—which has the possibility of causing cancer.


These are merely suspected carcinogens, and are used as emulsifiers for shampoos, body lotions, and soaps. These chemicals are what create foam. Next time you’re shopping for shampoo, search for a product that specifically states that it doesn’t foam.


I know, I know—you’re staring in disbelief at the screen—how could your favorite beauty potions contain a chemical that you thought only existed in labs? Formaldehyde is found in hair dye, nail polish, fake lash adhesive, and shampoo. And while it’s banned in the EU, it’s still used in the US of A.

How to Avoid Carcinogen Sins

Knowledge is power, but how difficult is it to make the switch to all natural skin care products? The answer is surprisingly simple. All natural skin care products work just as well as any product with harsh chemicals, and sometimes they are even better. Also, taking the natural route won’t typically cost you an arm and a leg—if you search throughout Currently Crushing, I try to tote the benefits of organic skin care and provide my gorgeous readers with a variety of options.

Burt's Bees ProductsMake sure that you read product labels before buying—if you can’t pronounce the chemical or if it contains any of the above in any amount, don’t buy it! Companies like Honest and Burt’s Bees are fabulous, all-natural, organic beauty giants that are easy-to-find in your local drugstore—no need to live in a big city to stay natural. Keep coming back to Currently Crushing to check out more all natural skin care products.

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