Burberry Trench and “Lifesavers Candy” Booties

I finally wore these booties today – they remind me of lifesavers, I know the colors aren’t exactly lifesavers and they’re not quite skittles either but I love how colorful they are!

I think they go well with the pleats in this Burberry trench:


  • Thanks so much for the blog post.Thanks Again.sdfklrhgelrqaa

    • bergdorf girl the great thing about trenches is that they can be both work-y and drsesy at the same time. i saw another fab girl there with an a-line trench which worked wonderfully well with her bee hive!! (she wouldn’t allow a photo though humble i guess!) Good for you for investing. If you can afford it, it will stand the test of time!

  • oooh, you weren’t kidding about liinvg near good outlet stores. I love that umbrella! Do you like your rainboots? I was thinking of getting a pair of Hunters but something about rubber boots looks really uncomfortable.