Reflections on 60

This whole aging thing is crazy! I had no idea it would feel like this; the actual number (60!) sounds so big but I still feel like the same ‘me’ I’ve always been. Lately I’ve been getting a bit annoyed with all the talk of ‘Mid-Life’ women and specifically Mid-Life Influencers – I seriously doubt I’ll make it to 120 (but I’d love to) – so these days I’m looking at life in 3 acts. Zero to thirty was growing up, 30-60 has been raising my family and planning for retirement and now that I’m entering my third act I’m excited to start living my life the way I’ve been dreaming of for years. My girls are grown and self-sufficient, I’m in a happy second marriage (long time readers know that my first husband passed away when my girls were little) and setting up a joy-filled life for myself here on out.

mid life woman

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