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Need home entertaining ideas? Need tips for hosting a gathering or party? You’re in the right place! When it comes to home entertaining ideas, Currently Crushing your source for stunning ideas and inspirations that you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without.

Entertaining at your home doesn’t have to be a hassle. You’ve got Currently Crushing on your side to help, and this site is constantly expanding with new, inspired home entertaining ideas.

Hosting Dinner Parties

Having people over for a dinner party might not be something you regularly do, but it should be! Having guests over for dinner parties can be fun and exciting, and it’s a great way to get friends and family together. Eating a delicious home-cooked meal, laughing and talking with friends and family, watching your guests enjoy the experience they’re having: These all come with planning and hosting the perfect dinner party!

Everyone loves dinner gatherings, and we’re always looking for the next fun dinner party to attend. From chef’s specialty entree tastings to cooking show launch parties, Currently Crushing gives you a front row seat to the most lavish culinary events to inspire your home entertaining ideas and maybe even make your mouth water a little bit.

From drinks to dessert, Currently Crushing is here for you, with tips and suggestions along the way. Become the host everyone else envies by getting your home entertaining ideas from Currently Crushing!

Home Decor and Decorating Ideas

Aside from being a big Pinterest-er, Kristi is always discovering cool and unique home decor and style. From this picture perfect apartment to the perfect dining room set up for your apartment or suite, you can find what you’re Currently Crushing on. Bored with the style you currently have in your current home? Not satisfied with the decor or furniture in your place? No worries, Kristi will inspire you!

Los Angeles styles, Brooklyn and NYC styles, beach living styles and more: Here you’ll find all the current crushes and obsessions, all in stunning high resolution. Being a Los Angeles girl, Kristi is big on the California style of decor, but she’s always looking for the coolest, most unique decorative styles out there to share with her Currently Crushing readers. It’s all right here!

In addition to sharing with you everything home-related that she finds, Kristi has also recently remodeled her own home completely, and she shares her home improvements, styles and new features with you right here. Follow the remodel and enjoy the style and decor tips Kristi offers!

Home Entertaining Ideas and Everything for the Home from Currently Crushing!

If your own current crushes involve dinner ideas and party hosting ideas, you’ll feel right at home in this section. It’s all about unique styles, exquisite tastes and excellent company. So take off your shoes and stay a while. And never settle for second best.