Planet-Saving Gifts for the Holidays

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This holiday season, what do you get for that friend or family member that has everything? With Cool Effect, you can give a planet saving gift at the click of a button.  Did you know that recent studies show carbon emissions are at an all time high, especially during the busy holiday season when everyone is flying home and shipping gifts?

You can definitely do something about it by heading over to to offset your emissions and give a gift to everyone on your list.  Cool Effect also has some amazing pre-packaged gift bundles via its Gift Center. Particularly, the Snowman Gift is fun and seasonal, and comes with a downloadable snowman sticker pack and the money raised will go to support some of the world’s best carbon reduction projects, supporting efforts like renewable wind power in Costa Rica and efficient cookstoves in Honduras.

One of my favorite gifts to give through Cool Effect is the gift of a ‘Travel Offset’ which is a great gift to give yourself or to help wipe away the carbon for someone special.  Here’s how it works: By selecting a length of flight and purchasing carbon credits equivalent to its estimated emissions, you are helping to compensate for the effect your flight has on the planet. For example, a round-trip flight of 4-6 hours (hello, NYC!) can be offset by a donation of just $7.34!  When you donate to Cool Effect, more than 90% of your donation goes to support the 14 projects listed on the Cool Effect platform that reduce or prevent emissions.

You can learn more at