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Hosting a Brunch

Having people over for brunch might not be something you regularly do, but it should be! Having guests over for a nice mid-morning dish is fun and exciting, and it’s a great way to get friends and family together on a nice weekend day!

One of the most important parts of hosting a brunch: having a great main dish to serve your guests! Here you’ll find the perfect recipe for frittata squares, with detailed instructions and vivid photographs that make preparation a breeze. One of the tricks to making a great frittata is using fresh vegetables like summer squash. This recipe uses zucchini and onion and has a fresh, delicious flavor. You’ll love it, and your guests will love it too! They’ll love it so much, they’ll want to clean up everything afterwards just to show how much they loved your homemade brunch dish.

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Aside from hosting a nice brunch for family or friends, Kristi is usually currently crushing on dinner and evening dining ideas, so don’t worry: There are tips for all different types of meals!

Being the best Host

Casual entertaining is all about hosting a fun, enjoyable get-together with friends and family. If that sounds like it’s not easy, don’t worry. You’ve got Currently Crushing. Follow our tips and ideas for all the inspiration you need to create fun, enjoyable experiences for your guests. Let this site inspire you with the latest dinner party adventures, exotic recipes and entertaining ideas that are guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your table.

Casual Entertaining Tips and Ideas

Kristi’s current crushes often involve dinner ideas and party hosting ideas, and she regularly attends dinner parties featuring unique styles, lavish tastes and good company. Hosting a family gathering? Keep up with all the latest updates in the Home category and you’ll be all set for the big event!

California’s best have dined with Kristi, and she shares with you all of her fun party and gathering stories, with plenty of pictures! You’ll be inspired by the variety of different home get-togethers Kristi attends.

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