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Melrose Morning

  First things first; how cute is this Lauren Moshi x Aqua ‘Lunar Eye’ sweatshirt?  It’s so comfy and fab that…

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Tiny Bags

  Tiny bags are back in a big way.  Let’s forget all about practicality and just focus on the cuteness factor…

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Dream Sweater

  Free People calls this the Dream Sweater and that’s really the perfect name for it.  Just slouchy enough without looking…

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Teddy Bear Coat

  Feeling like a snuggly teddy bear in this H&M coat.  I love that it’s actually starting to get cool enough…

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Gator Tooth

  Another great Free People find (on sale HERE ) plus a statement necklace from Porter Lyons that is a hand-cast…

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Ombre Faux Fur

  Ombre faux fur? Yes, please!  This soft, lightweight jacket is just right for cooler Fall temps and is quite an…

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New H&M Favorites

  Quite a few of my H&M Fall favorites are available online now at amazing prices.  My shawl-collar puffy jacket is…

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Zips and Laces

  Fall fashion, with all of its sweaters and boots and dark denim, is something I look forward to all year…

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Bow & Drape Fashion

Learn all about unique outfitter Bow & Drape and the style behind the brand. Bow & Drape are based out of New York City and specialize in customizable garments; Kristi had a custom dress made complete with a little of her own touch, the black unicorn! This perfect dress for summer is both high quality and affordable, and you can learn how to perfectly pull it off for an outing here.

One of the best features of this dress is its versatility; this can be the perfect dress for a day outing and it transitions perfectly for a nice evening dress! This one will be a hit among this year’s summer fashion dresses.

Floral Dresses for Summer

When summer hits, fashion takes the front seat for trendy, stylish new fashions. Kristi shares some of what she’s Currently Crushing in summer fashion styles for less here.

Floral dresses are a hit for summer outings and events, and a few favorites include TopShop’s basic black dress and the classic “Bardot” dress. Bardot dresses are perfect for taking on all the humidity and heat summer throws your way. Stay comfy and cool with Currently Crushing ideas and styles!

Find your summer dress inspiration right here on the Currently Crushing fashion page!

T Shirt Fashion: Olivia Moon and More!

Sometimes, a dress or skirt just won’t cut it. You aren’t feeling the dress look, or maybe it’s just a casual day and you’re out running running errands. Have no fear: Currently Crushing is here, complete with t shirt ideas!

Kristi recently rocked this Olivia Moon t shirt, a draped and loose-fitting shirt perfect for hanging around with friends or a trip out to the supermarket. Paired with white Levi’s jeans and heels, this was a perfect outfit for comfort and style! The t shirt look doesn’t have to mean you’re having a lazy fashion day, especially if you’ve got Currently Crushing to help you with the hottest in t shirt fashion.

Pulling off a t-shirt and jeans look with style in mind is simple with the right approach, and we have the info you need.

Fashion Styles for Less

Looking for the perfect dress for your next big event? Looking for tips on finding the hottest accessories out there to complement your outfit and give your style that extra pizazz? Look no further; you’ve arrived!

Currently Crushing is all about finding fashion styles for less, from handbags and accessories to heels and flats, and everything in between! Check out custom recommendations and helpful tips for pulling off any outfit.