Vanity Fair Best Dressed Articles

Vanity Fair is more than a big name in fashion; it’s a trendsetter in the industry and a long-respected brand in American pop culture. Its pages have been graced by the most influential fashion and entertainment icons in the world, and it remains the gold standard of style and sophistication.
Recently, Kristi was featured as one of Vanity Fair’s Editor’s Pick selections, looking stunning in her white Puerto Vallarta pants! Being featured by Vanity Fair is a big accomplishment in the fashion world, and Kristi received the honor of Editor’s Pick. How awesome is that?

A Fashion Finds Lover

Kristi is all about finding cool and unique fashion styles and ideas, not just for herself, but for you! Whether she’s searching high and low showroom shopping or hitting the town on a thrift store adventure, Kristi loves finding inspiring fashions and passing her findings right to her faithful readers. It’s all right here at Currently Crushing!

Vanity Fair Fashion and Style

The Vanity Fair Best Dressed Contest is all about the hottest in fashion and style, and Kristi is the same way. Kristi’s current crushes range from Vanity Fair-featured clothing items all the way to awesome and affordable thrift shop items; Kristi has a current crush for you no matter what your style!

As the face and creativity behind Currently Crushing, Kristi and her Vanity Fair Best Dressed styles have been recognized by some big names in the fashion world. She shares these same styles with you, with regular updates to keep you looking your best through all four seasons. The tips, ideas and inspirations are never-ending when you’ve got Kristi on your side!

From Vanity Fair to Home Decor

What’s great about Currently Crushing is the eclectic mix of favorites you’ll see as you follow Kristi’s adventures. One afternoon she might be heading to a local fashion blogger gathering and sharing her favorites from the event, and the next night you could be checking out her favorites from her always-changing and always-crushing collage of home decor favorites!

Kristi loves to find the coolest home decorative styles from California homes, New York City apartments and more, and she shares her current crushes in everything home with you here.

Follow Kristi through her shopping trips and adventures to find your current crushes, from Vanity Fair Best Dressed Contest style to thrift shop style, and everywhere in between. You never know what you’ll find, what you’ll learn, and what you’ll save on!