5 Classic Decorating Styles for Your Home

If you’ve been surrounded by bland, stale decor for years, it’s easy to get your heart set on revamping your home’s interior design—even if you haven’t chosen a clear stylistic direction yet. Tempting though that may be, you should never dive in headfirst. You don’t want to move too fast and end up six months down the road with a room full of furniture that you wish you’d never bought. Do some research on classic home decorating styles and weigh the pros and cons based on your interests. To help get you started, here are 5 classic home decorating styles that I just love:


Industrial home decorating styles are about celebrating the essentials, using humble materials, and repurposing salvageable objects. Because industrial decor is no-nonsense, it often has a strong, sometimes gritty appeal. If you’re going for a classic style that showcases your hard work and effort, industrial is right up your alley—and it’s an affordable choice, to boot.

Industrial color schemes are often on the cool side, but you could stick to neutrals like gray, black, and white. For a hint of color, go for a tinge of copper or dark purple. Some unique furnishings you may want to look out for (or work on repurposing yourself) are metal stools and tables or storage bins made from salvaged wooden crates or barrels.

Hollywood Regency

If you’re going for home decorating styles that exude modern luxury and glamour to the fullest extent, go for Hollywood Regency. Hollywood Regency has its own distinct elegance, as well as the ability to pull off characteristics from a variety of other styles, such as neoclassical, art deco, and modern.

To showcase this style yourself, contrast bright splashes of color with black or white backgrounds. Embrace bold patterns, glossy finishes, and the richest fabrics you can find.

Decorations of modern home styleTransitional

If you’re interested in moving away from the familiar fabrics and vintage furniture of traditional styles but aren’t quite ready to wholly embrace contemporary decor, you may fall in love with the transitional style.

When it comes to color schemes and pattern usage, the transitional style looks to keep things understated. Warm neutrals are a must, and if you do go for a pop of color, try to keep it to a few accents here and there. If the contrast seems lacking, try to amp up your use of texture. Sticking with slightly upgraded versions of traditional furniture allows you to pair comfort and more up-to-date style for the perfect combination.


French home decorating styles are all about balancing functionality, comfort, and touches of the past. French decor goes for understated luxury, rather than glitz and glam. If you have a piece of antique furniture that holds a lot of sentimental value, you can work it into your design—but that doesn’t mean the rest of your interior design has to stay in the past with it. There is a mix and matched quality to French decor, but it still has a sense of cohesion. Go for functional accents like a stylish table lamp, layered fabrics, and furniture with just a touch of weathering.


The Coastal style is all about evoking a carefree mood. Think clean and natural. Add light to your home by changing up your curtains and putting a fresh coat of white paint on your walls. You can have color, but try to keep your palette pale and pure. Opt for simple fabrics, accents made out of straw and other organic materials, and stick to light shades of wood.

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