A Timeless Interior: French-Style Home Decor

Whether looking at French fashion, French-style home decor, or the average Parisian’s way of life, you pick up on a certain level of relaxation, attention to detail, and appreciation for the finer things. Parisians have a well-deserved reputation for celebrating timeless beauty in a variety of forums, including their interior design. Even the most modern French homes always seem to have a touch of vintage beauty in their decor, as a nod toward their classical roots.

You, too, can adapt your living space into a Parisian dream with these French-style home decor inspirations—before you know it, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your own timeless interior.

French-style home decor The Best of Both Worlds

Before setting out, just remember that even though some French interior designers embrace their past wholeheartedly and completely center their rooms around antique furnishings, not all French style is about staying in the past; it’s about incorporating the old with the new in order to have the best of both worlds. By pairing unique, vintage pieces with more modern furnishings, the two can compliment and play off of each other. It’s not about matching; it’s about seeing the beauty in everything around you.

Sophistication & Luxury

The French seem to put a bit of stylistic effort into everything they do, which is why thinking about French-style home decor always takes me to a place of sophistication and luxury.

To get the same effect of faded elegance and timeless beauty in your own home, look for luscious materials with beautiful, yet understated designs when picking out your furniture’s upholstery, tablecloths, curtains, and even your bedcoverings. For the perfect idea of what to look for, check out this French market quilt.

French-style Picture FrameAttention to Detail

When shopping for French-style home decor, keep an eye open for pieces with intricate scrollwork and gilded edges. The French love pieces with personality and attention to detail: not only are they beautiful, but they could become your family’s next heirloom. For a perfect piece of timeless French decor with just the right amount of personality, take inspiration from this Vienne Mirror.

Comfort & Relaxation

French-style Home DecorAnother common characteristic of French-style home decor is the importance of comfort. Memories are timeless, and by filling your home up with plenty of comfortable seating, you can have your loved ones over to talk the night away and make new memories to last a lifetime. Pair oversized, vintage seating, like this Baxton Studio Constanza French accent chair, with a handful of average Parisian chairs, like these Isabelle Dining Armchairs. All of the true Francophiles out there know that real Parisian homes have several comfortable seating options to choose from, so you should get with the program!

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