Browsing Brows

photo(124)This morning I’m heading over to Ziba Beauty at Fred Segal in Santa Monica for my very first brow threading! I always get a combination of waxing and plucking from my friend Coco – a celebrated Brow Diva from NYC who now works in the Palisades – but since watching Glenn do his thing at the Olay ‘On The Go’  beauty event last month I’ve been letting my brows fill in so I can try threading!

Kristi 5-12-13 048My own natural brows are light blonde so in addition to a monthly shaping, I also have them tinted.  I’ve tried nearly every brow-color product on the market and can’t seem to get the right color!  I’ve been wishing for gorgeous brows like this for most of my life:

photo(120)A couple more crush-worthy brows:

photo(123)photo(121)and as much as I adore Audrey Hepburn, I could never try to carry this off:

photo(122)I love the look of fuller, lower brows that I’ve been seeing on the runways lately.  My own natural brows are on the thin side so I think I’d need some expert help to fill them out sometime for a special event.  What are your favorite brow looks?