Building a Work Wardrobe for Creative Types

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What does it really mean to ‘Build a Work Wardrobe’?  For a creative type like myself, work doesn’t include going in to an office each day but I do still need to look professional for meetings, events, showroom visits and even ‘coffee dates’ like this one to meet with a new photographer.

Working for myself and generally working at home, it’s all too easy to fall in to a habit of working in sweats or even my pj’s and then one thing follows another and before I know it I’m getting lazy about my work!  Do you remember that job I did with MM LaFleur a couple of months ago? I loved showcasing their beautiful clothing and fun Bento Box stylist services for busy, working women.

currently crushing, MM LaFleur bento box, office style, what to wear to work

The important and eye-opening thing I learned from this collaboration with MM LaFleur is that if I put a little more thought in to what I’m wearing to work, not just when I get all dolled-up for an event, but my every day behind-the-scenes work that makes the glamorous things possible, then I actually work harder and honor what I’m doing (and been putting my heart in to for the past 7 years) even more! xx