Happy Birthday SJP: Top 5 Best Carrie Bradshaw Outfits

best carrie bradshaw outfits

In honor of Sarah Jessica Parker turning 50 today, I’m sharing my top 5 best Carrie Bradshaw outfits from Sex and the City. How many of these Carrie Bradshaw trends did you follow after seeing SJP rock them on Sex and the City?

First up is the ultimate high/low mix of Oscar de la Renta with a cute ponytail and McDonald’s fries:


carrie bradshaw pink dress

How many of you are still wearing or wishing you had a nameplate necklace?  I still cry a little whenever I think of that scene in Paris where she finds her lost necklace…


carrie bradshaw carrie necklace

After seeing Carrie’s mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses (and her own Vivienne Westwood gown) my opinion of bridesmaids’ dresses changed for the better:


carrie bradshaw wedding pictures

I’m still loving, and occasionally rocking, the visible bra strap look – especially when it’s as pretty as this one worn by SJP in one of my favorite casual Carrie Bradshaw outfits:


carrie bradshaw outfit inspiration

Lastly, my favorite trend-setting Carrie Bradshaw look of all time, the fabulous vintage fur Carrie wore when she met (and started dating) the new Yankee:


carrie bradshaw fur coat

These unlikely trends from Sex and the City are still in vogue and confirm that true style is timeless – just like gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker.