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Holiday Parties

This past weekend was filled with holiday parties so I thought I’d share pictures from some of them.  I ended up…

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Engagement Party

Last night I went to a fun engagement party out in Hidden Hills/Calabasas.  I can’t believe how much food they served…

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Currently Crushing is all about finding awesome fashions, unique clothing, cool eats, fun happenings and of course: styles with affordable price tags. To find these awesome fashions, Kristi regularly attend fashion show events and gatherings. What are some of her favorite things to do? Share with you what she found, and share her stories from her visits! A few Currently Crushing event stories are showcased below.

M Dot Design Studio

Recently, Kristi attended the well-known fashion designer M Dot’s event in the San Francisco Bay Area. M Dot clothing styles were featured alongside upscale furniture and lighting. Kristi’s experience included chats with local fashionistas and friends from the area.

Kristi shares more of her experiences from the fashion show event here!

Cooking with Olga Valentina Wrap Party

Online cooking sensation Olga Valentina hosted a Wrap Party to celebrate her first off-site culinary filming plus the launch of her summer cooking series. Celebration was the occasion and it was the perfect opportunity for everyone to enjoy fabulous bites and martinis! Kristi sampled unique foods from innovative chef Olga Valentine, and she got to check out a vodka room called the ‘Vod Box’.

The 28-degree room resembled a library, with vodkas labeled and categorized on shelves. Olga instructed the group on the correct way to taste vodka: exhale, drink and then follow it up with a bite of dill pickle. Pretty cool!

ELLE magazine and Wella Hair Event

Kristi was invited to attend a hairstyling event in LA, which she of course could not resist! The event showcased styling ideas from expert hair stylists, and Kristi even has her hair styled by talented hair stylist Terrah!

The event featured a DJ and food sampling, as well as appearances from local bloggers like Kristi!

Bay to Breakers

San Francisco’s 7.1-mile race is the oldest continuously run race in the world, and Kristi was there for the 2014 event! She enjoys fitness events as a break from fashion show events.

Bay to Breakers is a unique event that doesn’t follow the framework of a traditional marathon or footrace. Throughout various points of the race, community members gather outside their homes to provide a “party” feel; there’s even a churro cart and snack stations for runners that pass by! Kristi’s documents her whole experience from start to finish here.

The event featured tons of local characters, a group of them actually showing up in the nude! Leave it to San Fransisco, right?

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