Runway Inspired Looks Articles

The spring fashion shows around the world have given us a glimpse of what we’ll all be wearing this fall and winter. I’m not gonna lie – I’m excited for these stunning fall and winter looks!

Before we even get into the styles that were teased before our eyes on the runway, let’s take a look at next season’s color palette. Pantone always tracks and publishes a fashion color report that can help get us started:

Even though we will sound like total fashion snobs for just a moment, here are the names that come with this palette:

• Radiant Orchid
• Royal Blue
• Aluminum (that’s not grey, you understand, its aluminum!)
• Aurora Red (The rarest color of the Aurora Borealis, a.k.a. the northern lights, is red. Pretty, huh?)
• Misted Yellow
• Sangria (now THAT’S a color name to get excited about. I love Sangria!)
• Mauve Mist
• Cognac
• Bright Cobalt
• Cypress

The core palette always spins off into similar shades. We’ve already seen the development of both neutral and bright palettes, but the above are the base colors for the season.


Along with the rich colors above, what were some of the best spring fashion styles that came off the runway? It would be amazing to be able to start wearing them now, wouldn’t it?

Prints: Flowers, plaids, geometric, snakeskin…you name it. Prints are big! For our closets now, that could mean a snakeskin-patterned t-shirt or pumps, a plaid vest or skirt, a mid-length flowered skirt, or a geometric scarf. All in the new colors, of course.

Sports influence: Puffy coats and slickers, sneakers and track pants – athletic wear is now haute couture. Special note: sweats still aren’t fashionable. Keep those for the gym or at home!

Trouser suits: Take a quick look at the photos below. While they are all trouser suits from this fall’s lineup, they are vastly different! Different jacket styles, different lapel types, different legs.

What do they have in common? A jacket with some shape and a loose but narrow pant.
Understand those keys to the look and you can’t go wrong.

Knee-height and over boots: Fall and winter usually involve boots of some type, and this year is no exception. Although this year’s diversity in style means that there are boots of all shapes and sizes, the shared emphasis is on height.

This is an easy style to integrate now! With your minis, leggings and skinny jeans alike, grab yourself some tall boots in next season’s vibrant colors. Beautiful stuff!

And more: We could go on. (And on…and on…) Deep V necklines. Any shade of red on your lips. Gracefully flowing fabrics. Lots of black. The list is endless, and endlessly fun!

Who doesn’t love a deep V neckline? They flatter and appear to be risqué without actually putting your modesty at risk. And with the warm and cool shades in this season’s palette, red lipstick is a fashion dream come true. Brick, burgundy, classic scarlet, rose, etc. Which one looks the best on you?

Oh, it’s time to go shopping, isn’t it? Time to go find a deep V grey, or, pardon me, aluminum t-shirt with matching knee-high boots!