Commodity Goods

currently crushing, commodity fragranceLast week I had fun getting ‘custom fitted’ at home for fragrances from Commodity Goods, a new premium fragrance brand which specializes in handcrafted scents which are created in small batches.  Commodity is changing the way we shop for scents with their Fitting Kit, allowing you to relax and take your time (and take notes) to find which fragrances really work for you.

currently crushing, commodity goods fragranceI liked being able to take my time with the testers and get a feel for how the scents worked on my skin instead of my usual department store trial and error experience with fragrance testing…



currently crushing, commodity fragranceMy fitting kit included 10 each of their men’s and women’s fragrances and I loved the men’s scents as well. I haven’t had time to try them all out on my boyfriend yet but so far the Whiskey and Gin are my favorites and would smell great mixed together, too – which wouldn’t be a wise thing to do in real life but is perfectly safe scent-wise.

currently crushing, commodity fragranceThe 10 women’s fragrances are light and varied and I can see myself mixing them as well.  My top pick was Gold with Mimosa as a close second – those are two of my favorite things outside of the scent world so I’m not too surprised.

currently crushing, commodity fragranceThose of you who were at New York Fashion Week may have noticed this dapper Bear running around town and getting snapped by the paparazzi at Lincoln Center:

currently crushing, eau de bear nyfwcurrently crushing, eau de bear nyfw, commodity fragranceIsn’t he the cutest? Eau de Bear is the scent Sommelier for Commodity Goods and will guide you through the custom fitting process online when you order your Fitting Kit.  I’m completely sold on these luxurious new fragrances and the entire process of taking my time at home to try them out and see how they work for me and how they mix together.  I hope you’ll try out a Fitting Kit and let me know which ones you like best! xoxo