Home: Remodel Update

currently crushing, home remodelWe’re 2 months in to our home remodel and I can’t believe how much progress we’ve made already.  The framing is up – I’m standing inside of my new closet here (probably instagramming) – and I’m just starting to get a better feel for how the rooms will look…



currently crushing, home remodelThis is our future bathroom – it’s behind me in the closet shot above – and a look at where our shower will be.  To the left of this bench is a spot for my dream tub and wiring for a chandelier overhead.  I’m enjoying the remodeling process more than I ever thought I would and the two rooms I’m most excited about are this bathroom and our master closet.  The original bedroom was about the size of our new bathroom and closet and as part of the remodel we knocked down the wall that separated our room from the dining room to create one large master bedroom.  Here’s a shot of the bedroom that I took the first time we toured the house.

currently crushing, home remodel

Another big change to the house is the entrance:
currently crushing, home remodel
Our front door was on the right and sliding glass windows were to the left.  We’re building a new staircase inside where the front door entryway was and moving the door to the left.  In the 80’s the previous owners built a lower level and added a staircase right in the middle of the living room, which was a little bit of an eyesore and blocked the fireplace.  Here is another shot from our first time inside the house.  The new front door will be to the left of where I’m standing.

currently crushing, home remodel

Here’s the start of the new staircase and the new entrance.  The plywood on the ground in  the lower right-hand side is covering the spot where the old stairs were.

currently crushing, home remodelWe also removed the fireplace and took down the two walls which separated the kitchen from the living room to make one big room.

currently crushing, home remodelcurrently crushing, home remodelcurrently crushing, home remodelNext week the drywall is going up and our new front door will be installed.  I’m excited to share more shots of our progress and some of the other areas we’re working on in a future post.   I hope you’re having a lovely weekend and have fun Superbowl plans!