Favorite Honeymoon Dress

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This dress, and this moment, in Havana will be forever etched in my memory.  It was golden hour and everything felt magical; I finally got out of my initial crankiness over not being able to find anything I liked to eat, issues with coffee, restrooms and pretty much everything else being completely different from how I expected it to be.  I looked at my sweet new-husband and he was so totally thrilled with being in Havana (his 3rd time!) and loving the food and everything else that I was having issues with that I was able to relax and enjoy the city as it was and just appreciate being on this adventure with the man I love.

Incidentally, this was my favorite dress of the trip, which is quite an honor because I loved absolutely everything I brought with me.  Beyond Proper was extremely sweet and generously dressed me for the majority of the trip and I’m thrilled with everything they sent!