Feeling Nostalgic? Step Into the Past with Timeless Vintage Looks

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times: I. love. vintage. I really can’t get enough of it. From shopping in a high-end vintage thrift store to finding that classic pair of Ferragamos hidden under a suitcase in an antique shop just outside of Los Angeles; I love the thrill of the hunt—and the find.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite things to find in a vintage thrift store, as well as how to make the vintage look your own:

Red Lipstick

It’s simple, yet classic—red lips will drive your partner wild, and give you that extra feminine boost to help you get through your day. Appropriate at the office or on a date, red lipstick will brighten your look and your confidence. While you shouldn’t wear the makeup that you find in a thrift store, you can get some great inspiration.

For a truly vintage shade, try NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red—it’s the color made popular in the hilarious play The Women, by Clare Boothe Luce. Don’t you want a color that’s been made timeless through literature? Plus it’s perfect on nearly every skin tone.


I seriously cannot resist gloves, and what better trend to look for at a vintage thrift store this season? According to The Zoe Report, Gorj Gloves are a fashion go-to. They’re long, sleek, and give the viewer/wearer a feeling of strength. They can be short, or even fingerless for an edgier look.

Faye Dunaway HatHats

Specifically, I’m currently crushing on the 1970s-inspired, boho floppy hat that’s popular among the fashionista crowd. I love a floppy hat in a fabulous color, like maroon or bright purple (yes, you can wear bright purple in the fall—pair it with neutrals, like a warm camel coat, so that the color really pops). The best thing about a floppy ‘70s hat? It looks good dressed up or down, with a bejeweled maxi dress or cut-offs.

1950’s Dresses

I wish that crinoline wasn’t so itchy. I really do. But it is. Luckily for us, and my particular love of 1950’s dresses, today’s modern versions don’t need the itchy under-fabric of the past to get the volume action. Fit and flare dresses from Modcloth.com give you just the right amount of fluff without going overboard.


HeadscarfHow many of you beautiful readers have fantasized about being Grace Kelly, complete with a convertible and a chic headscarf found at a vintage thrift store to hold your hair back? I know I have. Whether you feel like diving into an antique shop or waiting for the designers to give you something new and vintage-inspired this season, you’re sure to love your headscarf once it’s finally in your grasp.

Come back and check out the site for more updates on timeless looks, and if you have some extra time on your hands, you can start doing some hunting of your own! By keeping what I’ve highlighted in mind, you’re sure to find something worth drooling over. I love keeping my readers posted on my fashion detective work, and will do my best to bring all of you the best looks for every occasion and season. Keep checking in!

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