Hairstyles with Bangs: How to Choose Bangs that Make the Most of Your Face

hairstyles with bangs If you’ve never attempted any hairstyles with bangs in the past, you might be a little intimidated by the idea. The truth is, you’re probably right to be! Once bangs are cut, there is no turning back—it can take a long time to grow them back out.

Then again, one of the most enjoyable parts of exploring fashion and beauty is the thrill of taking risks. We have to take risks in order to learn how to fully express ourselves. If you’re interested in bangs, you should go for it! When done correctly, hairstyles with bangs can look great on anyone. The key is choosing a look that works for you.


1. Blunt Bangs
If you have a long face, you probably have the bone structure to pull of blunt, thick bangs. Blunt bangs look great with long and short hairstyles alike, but a long, sleek look does a good job of making the face appear rounder.

This look is probably best for those of you that are feeling sure about bangs. The thickness and bluntness of the cut makes it more difficult to pin the hair back in case you aren’t happy with the outcome. But when these bangs are pulled off right, they look great!


hairstyles with bangs 2. Thin, Wispy Bangs
If you have angular features, you will probably look best in hairstyles with bangs that are lighter and more wispy. Blunt bangs add a hard angle to your face, and those with sharp features look best with some softer elements thrown in.


3. Asymmetrical Bangs
If you have a round face, choosing an asymmetrical style will create an interesting look and create the illusion of length. This look works best with long, wavy hair, but it’s ultra-chic with shorter styles, as well.


4.  Straight-Across Bangs
Blunt bangs are cut in a line, but straight-across bangs follow the curve of your forehead. They can be worn thick or wispy, and they usually look best on oval-shaped faces.


hairstyles with bangs 5. Side-Swept Bangs
Hairstyles with bangs that are longer and can be swept to the side or parted down the middle are better for those of you that want some face-framing layers but would also enjoy being able to the pin hair back to create a sleeker look. This style is more soft and beautiful than it is sophisticated, making it perfect for ultra-feminine types. Farrah Fawcett’s iconic hair is a great example of this look.


6. Heavy Bangs
If you love the rocker-girl look, these are the bangs for you! Much like blunt bangs, these are best suited for someone who is comfortable with the look before heading to the stylist. Also keep in mind that the thicker you cut your bangs, the more length you will remove, so shaggy bangs might not be a good idea if you are already unhappy with the thickness of your hair.

On that note, it’s important to mention that the texture of your hair must always be taken into account when choosing a new cut or style. Those of you with ultra-curly hair need to consider whether you want a hairstyle that you will need to straighten every day to maintain. Curly hair can work wonderfully for side-swept bangs, but it may require some straightening if you want to achieve that ultra-sleek blunt look.


Thanks for visiting Currently Crushing! I hope you have enjoyed reading about these different hairstyles with bangs and how to choose one well-suited to you. If you’ve tried any, please let me know which look you chose and whether or not it worked out. You can contact me at, and I also hope you will follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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