Happy Last Day of 2012!

This year has gone by so fast! It’s been a fun year of travel, good health, raising a puppy, straightening my teeth, growing out my bangs (last New Year’s resolution) and sharing my life on Instagram and this blog!

I started out on Instagram as a way to share my love of shoes and all of my fabulous finds and I’m having so much fun.  It’s great to document my collection of fashion finds and treasured pieces and connect with others who share my passion for all things sartorial. I’m excited to wake up each morning and plan an outfit and then get my sweet boyfriend to take pictures!

I’m not big on ‘resolutions’ because I feel like I work out enough (I started pole fitness this year and it’s a blast) and I am happy with how I eat and what I weigh. In recent years instead of resolutions I try to examine old habits or beliefs and decide if they still work for me.  One big thing last year was my bangs! I’ve worn bangs my entire life, I remember my mom cutting them when I was little and I was led to believe that I had a forehead that looked better covered up.  I remember looking at hairstyles in magazines and wishing I could be one of those girls who didn’t need bangs. Last New Year’s Eve I decided to push my bangs off my face – one of my best decisions ever!!!

I treasure this picture from last New Year’s – I’m with the gorgeous star of tv and film, Elke Sommer! I named my beautiful German Shepherd puppy after Elke.

In 2011 I decided to make “YES IS THE NEW NO” my motto for the year and it worked well for me! 2012 was the year of growing out my bangs and rethinking old messages of what I ‘had’ to do.  Both of these resolutions have to do with my desire to lead a more ‘devil may care’ life – joie de vivre, throw caution to the wind, why not… (thanks, Diana Vreeland!) – relaxing, taking more chances and trying new things have helped me live each day to the fullest.


I saw that quote a few months ago and it has made all the difference – like the road less traveled! This fabulous question is my motto for 2013.  I hope you’ll join me here this year as I work on living my dreams  xoxo