Home: Kitchen and Bath Update

currently crushing, home remodel exteriorTime for a quick update on my home remodel project.  The exterior still looks like a construction zone but the inside is coming along nicely!  All of the walls are up and painted, my closet is taking shape, the kitchen cabinets are being installed and my bathroom is waiting for just the right tub…



currently crushing, home remodel family roomAbove is the family room with a fresh coat of paint (Dunn Edwards ‘Precious Pearls’), a newly raised ceiling and all wired for TV, surround sound and satellite radio.  The wood floors are in but we’ve got them covered to protect them while we’re still working.   Below is a shot of the living room and the area that had the big hole in the floor with that crazy staircase leading to the downstairs addition.  We also had a fireplace in that corner and a wall to separate the kitchen from the living room.

currently crushing, home remodelThe kitchen has been pretty easy to design and I fell in love with this white and espresso cabinet combo in a showroom a few weeks ago.  We chose all of our appliances quickly and I can’t wait to move back in and start cooking on the new stove.  Kitchen-wise, I’m most excited about the island that we’re building.  I’ve picked out a pretty white quartz for the counter tops and we’re doing a ‘waterfall’ with it over the edges of the island.

currently crushing, home remodel kitchencurrently crushing, home remodel kitchenAs you can see from the top kitchen picture, we’re still without a deck and also waiting on replacement sliding doors.  Our master closet is another area that’s coming along and I’m surprised how much smaller it looks now that we’ve got the racks, cabinets and island in there.  It looked so much bigger when it was empty but it’s still way larger than what we had before so I’m happy…

currently crushing, home remodel master closetI’ve probably put the most time and work in to remodeling the bathrooms for this house.  Our master bath will most likely end up being my favorite room of all.

currently crushing, home remodel master bathThis week I’m making a final decision on a bathtub and have narrowed it down to these two choices:

currently crushing, home remodel master bathcurrently crushing, home remodel master bathI’ve been trying to make up my mind for the past few days and I’m tempted to go with the round one because it’s so different and I think it compliments the room but the boat tub seems comfy and would take up a little less space.  Which one do you like better?