How to Choose Colorful Home Decor Without Clashing Styles

No matter which style you choose for your home redecoration, it’s important to know that colorful home decor is never off-limits.  Now, you shouldn’t completely drop your filter and let your color inspirations run wild, but it is nice to know that you don’t have to stick to pastels and neutrals all the time. Going bold can work wonders, as long as you pull it off right.

Whether you’re going for something completely new or just looking to freshen up your old decor, colorful accent pieces make a great, affordable choice. To get a glimpse of how you can embrace colorful home decor in your own redecoration without going too far or clashing styles, here are a few tips.

Is Updating Your Style Right for You?

While your heart may be set on working a certain type of colorful home decor into your existing design, not all styles are compatible with every piece of furniture. It’s not always the color that throws the whole thing off, but how the color is being used. That hot pink couch with contemporary angles and sleek, slender cushions is going to clash with your traditionally styled living room, no matter how much you paid for it. But a piece in the same color wouldn’t be a problem if its other characteristics fit with the overall theme of the room.

Updating your living room so that you have more freedom to test the stylistic waters—moving from a strictly traditional style into something more transitional, for instance—could be the answer. However, that takes a lot of work. Remember that you don’t have to change your style to fit a color into your decor; you just have to find pieces that fit in.

Use the Color in Smaller Ways

If you’re not ready to change the entire style of your room, but you still want to freshen things up, try adding colorful home decor in smaller ways. By keeping your splashes of color to a small handful of places and only using colors that work well together, you will not have to fear clashing styles.

Sprinkle the color into your decor by updating the rugs, lamp shades, vases, and so forth. There are ways to sneak bold colors into your home decor without fear of clashing; all you have to do is think ahead.

A Splash of Color with Your Patterns

When picking out your home’s accents, you don’t have to choose between colors and patterns; if the colorful home decor of your dreams is compatible with your current patterned accents, work them both into your design! For a great example of how patterned and colored accents can work well side-by-side, think about zebra patterns. Bright pops of color stand out sharply against black and white, and the two different styles complement each other, rather than competing for your attention.

For more tips on how you can use a splash of bold color in your home without clashing styles, email me at and keep checking back for what I’m Currently Crushing!