How to Style Long Hair: Five Fun Looks for Beauties with Lots of Locks

Do you have long hair? Congratulations! Impatience, split ends, and the temptation to try out the latest short hairstyles can make it difficult to reach those classically beautiful lengths.

However, achieving long hair isn’t the end-all of beauty. Long hair can look drab if it isn’t kept up to date, so learning how to style long hair is a crucial element of looking fresh and fashionable.


how to style long hair1. Try a Messy Braid
Mastering the art of the braid is an important part of learning how to style long hair. Depending on how you style them, braids can look smart, sexy, daring, innocent, or just about anything in between. A messy braid offers a beautiful and romantic look that is also casual enough for the home or office. The key to making a braid look messy is to gently pull it apart after it’s completed. As long as you’re careful not to completely remove it, this will give you the look of thicker, fuller hair—which is always a plus!


2.  Make Relaxed Waves Using Your Straightening Iron
If you have needle-straight hair, you will need to do a little work to create those relaxed, bohemian waves you seek. Luckily, there is a way to do this even if you don’t own a curling iron. First, put all of your hair in a braid—if you would like slightly tighter waves, you can make two braids. Next, use a flat iron to heat your hair section by section. When you finish, undo the braids and spritz on some hairspray.

If you already have wavy hair, you can increase the texture by mixing a little seltzer water with sea salt, putting it in an empty spray bottle, and applying it to your hair. Allow it to dry and enjoy those messy beach waves!


how to style long hair3. Wear it Sleek and Sparkly
Hair tinsels can be a little tricky to use, but once you learn how to style long hair with them, you will see that they are one of the prettiest accessories for a night out on the town. Celebrities, like Beyoncé, even rock this look at red carpet events.

To achieve this style, blow dry and flat iron your hair with your favorite smoothing or straightening product. Then, tie in a few hair tinsels (which are typically silver or gold to accent an individual’s chosen jewelry). The key to making this look work is to avoid going overboard. You want a subtle hint of sparkle, but you don’t want to look like a holiday decoration.

For a bolder look like Beyoncé’s, tie the tinsel to hairs on the top of your head. If you would like a bit of the tinsels to shine through without appearing obvious, tie them to the underside of your hair.


4. Create the Illusion of Length with a Double Ponytail
Putting hair up in a ponytail can make it look a lot shorter. If your hair is medium-long versus super-long, this trick will work well for you. Instead of pulling all of your hair up into one giant ponytail, make two—one on top of the other. The loose hair from the first ponytail will cover the start of the second, and the hair hanging down onto your back from the second will give the appearance of a much longer, single ponytail.


how to style long hair5. Build Seriously Sexy Volume
If you love the look of Denise Richards’ voluminous waves, you can use this trick to make them even bigger and fuller. First, curl your hair the way you normally would. Then, while your curls are still warm, pin them up on the top of your head in a very messy updo and spray the bottom half of your head with hairspray. When everything has dried off and cooled down, release your hair to see volume like you wouldn’t believe!


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