It’s Time for a Girls’ Night: Entertaining at Home

When I get together with my besties for a girls’ night in, it usually involves wine, Mean Girls, and chocolate. I have no excuse for the calories, other than the fact that they shouldn’t count on a girls’ night.

I’m sure every one of my readers has her own take on a girls’ night in, but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new ideas. If you want to plan something fun, exciting, and low-key, I’ll walk you through a few fun ideas for entertaining at home:

Pick Your Favorite Chick Flicks

As previously mentioned, one of my favorite chick flicks is Mean Girls, but its understandable if you have your own preference. Depending on what you and your gals are looking for in a movie, you could go with Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, Clueless, Heathers, Bridesmaids—or maybe ditch the whole chick flick theme entirely and go with Fight Club. To each her own!

Pick one, two, or several movies, run to pop that popcorn, grab the candy, and worry about your figure another time.

Glass of winePick Your Favorite Wine

There’s no way you can prepare for entertaining at home or having a girls’ night without picking up wine. You need to unwind with your lovely ladies and blow off some steam! A sweet moscato or dessert wine is always a treat. If you pair your wine with a bit of dark chocolate—I love mine with almonds—it can be absolute heaven.

Pick Your Favorite Games

Entertaining at home doesn’t have to be all talk and no play! Remember the good ol’ days, when you and your best friend stayed up till the early hours of your sleepover? Remember playing Monopoly as soon as it got dark out and suddenly it was four in the morning? Grab some of your old-school favorites, and prepare to have the nostalgia roll in. To change things up, newer games are fun, too—Cards Against Humanity in particular is a hilarious choice.

Pick Your Favorite Jammies

Do you like pajama sets? Matching or mismatched pieces? Slips or onesies? A pajama party can be a great way to get comfortable for all of those movies. Sporting matching or similar onesies with your friends may be a fantastic way to add a theme on to your girls’ night. And speaking of themes…

Pick Your Favorite Theme

Box of chocolateNow you’re really entertaining at home! Make your girls’ night extra special by choosing a theme. Have your girls come dressed up as hipster Disney princesses, and watch all of your childhood favorites. Get ready to watch Heathers and Pretty Woman by having the ladies dress with the biggest shoulder pads they can find, rocking large hair. The possibilities are endless! Themes can also revolve around certain foods, TV shows, or clothing style. The more outrageous, the better!

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