Just Extensions + Sexy Hair Party

photo(57)Look at the fabulous hair on these models!! Last night I went to an event at Just Extensions, LA’s first hair extension bar and had a great time.  I never thought about getting extensions before but now I’m anxious to try it.  I’m happy with the length of my hair but go through all sorts of measures to make it look thicker – my dream is to have  big, poufy Brigitte Bardot fullness.  After talking to Dell, one of the stylists at Just Extensions, I realized that in about an hour I can have extensions added to get my dream hair!

Here’s a shot of our gorgeous hostess for this fun event – Jamie of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis:image003

photo(59)photo(58)In addition to the cupcakes, DJ and all the excitement at this fun event,  I was able to try some great styling products from the SEXYHAIR line – I was especially interested in the ‘big sexy hair’ hairspray and root pump volumizer.  I went home with the best ‘bag o’ swag’ ever and can hardly wait to try all of these…

photo(54)I think I’ll go with super straight hair for Coachella this weekend so the first products I’ll try are those silky and straight ones plus the argan oil spray.


Sexyhair stylist Laura Hickenboth spent time explaining all of these products to me and used the ‘weather proof’ one on my hair and I can see how it would be an amazing barrier to humidity and frizzies for me.

photo(56)I can’t believe Coachella is only 2 days away and I still haven’t started packing yet.  I’ve got my outfits pretty much thought out and jewelry planning is underway and now I’m on to footwear.  I think cute, low western boots so my toes don’t get trampled at the concerts are a must plus some sandals for poolside and parties.  Also,  I think I should bring a least one warm thing in case it gets chilly at night.  Any other advice??