Kristals Skincare

currently crushing, kristals gmstone skincare, kristals cosmetics, beauty review


Kristals Skincare sent me their Amethyst Oxygen Treatment Reviving Treatment, Serum and Cream to try out and I’m loving this luxurious skin care line.  I had heard about the facials at the Kristals Cosmetics store on Rodeo Drive but had never tried one before so I was excited to try these products at home.  I also received the Kristals anti-gravity spark eye masks in my Glossy Box last month and couldn’t wait to test them out.


currently crushing, kristals gmstone skincare, kristals cosmetics, beauty review


Based on my skincare needs, the brand chose their Amethyst line for me to provide much-needed oxygen to my skin, gently exfoliate to slough off dead skin cells and also deeply moisturize.  I generally have normal-to-dry skin but in the Winter my skin becomes very dry so these products were definitely a treat for my thirsty skin.

This was my first time trying any type of gemstone-infused skincare so I was completely fascinated by this idea.  For thousands of years, gemstones have been used for health and beauty around the world. Classical texts as well as astrological studies refer to the healing properties of gemstones and the positive influence of gems on the mind and body. Kristals Skincare takes concentrations of precious and semiprecious gemstones and metals known to create protective fields around the body and blends them with powerful botanicals, naturally effective herbal essences and oils, and the best scientific breakthroughs in skincare for each skin type.


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