Lashing Out

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Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara has been in my makeup bag for years now and as much as I like trying new products this is one that I just can’t quit.  I’ve tried pretty much every mascara on the market; and while many of them initially give me the full-coverage, lush lash look that I crave, I also need a mascara that ‘goes the distance’ and stays put all day long and then I also concern myself with how the mascara behaves when it’s time to take it off.  Quite a few of the newer mascaras wear very well throughout the day but then actually sting my eyes during the removal process.  I always trust Klorane with my sensitive eyes and it has always worked well to gently remove all traces of my eye makeup without irritation so when I get that stinging sensation from removing a new mascara, I’m sure the culprit is the mascara.

Urban Decay has just released a waterproof formula (which can also be easily removed with my beloved Klorane) of their beloved Perversion mascara and has also updated the tip of their fan-favorite waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen and I’m loving these new products and they’ll be perfect for the warmer weather.  I’m heading back to Miami for Swim Week in just under a month and already planning my makeup strategy for the trip; last years’ Swim Week was a blast but was also the first time in my entire makeup-wearing life that I actually experienced my makeup melting off from the extreme heat and humidity.  You can click on the images below for more info on these products, plus that Urban Decay eye shadow palette that has been my ultimate go-to for shadows for the past year…


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