Livin’ on Dreams

IMG_9412Here’s it is!!! I fell in love with this Love Nail Tree tee at the UniqueLA event this past weekend and bought it without hesitation.  I loved everything about it – the noodles, the fit and the cute way it ties in the back:

IMG_9389 I didn’t even realize until I got home that it had a beautiful story written by the creator of this shirt printed on the inside:

IMG_9451Isn’t this great? I went online to learn more about the dreamer behind this tee and found this sentence in their mission statement “It is our desire to see the stories we tell move people to action and inspire a deep change within them”.  There was something about this tee that brought me back to who I was years ago – I grew up in San Francisco, attended more concerts than I can even remember and idolized Debbie Harry.  This shirt made me think about the dreams I had back then and realize that I’m still that same girl even though so many things in my world have changed.  Discovering brands like Love Nail Tree is a big part of why I love attending these local events.  These shots my boyfriend took of me in this great tee are some of my favorites ever.