Hiking the Canyon with Marika

currently crushing, marika magic slimming leggingHiking is a big deal in LA.  When I first moved here I was hesitant to ‘hike the canyons’ because I thought it would be much more taxing than it actually is.  Growing up in San Francisco, hiking was akin to backpacking and never really interested me.  After living in LA a few years I realized that hiking is actually just walking and it’s a lot of fun.  Fryman Canyon and Runyon Canyon are the most popular ones and are within minutes of the new house but while we’re living out in the valley during the remodel our closest hiking spot is Corbin Canyon…



currently crushing, corbin canyon

currently crushing, marika magic slimming caprisThis weekend’s hike was the perfect time to try out these new Marika Magic slimming leggings sent to me from the sweetheart’s at Marika.   This is my first pair of shape-enhancing bottoms and I love the perfect amount of control and stretchiness that they provide without being too tight or restricting.  The fit around the waistline is especially smooth and flattering – no too high and not too low…

currently crushing, marika magic slimming capriMarika has been making activewear since 1982 and this slimming capri is one of the brand’s top sellers and is extremely well made with contour seaming and a sculpting power mesh lining along the thigh area to provide a sleek silhouette.  Marika also makes this slimming pant in a longer length in your choice of a straight leg or boot cut variation.

currently crushing, marika magic slimming caprisLeggings: c/o Marika/ Tank: Old Navy/ Headphones: Urbanears/ Sneakers: Nike

I had an especially relaxing weekend with the perfect balance of downtime and activities.  The courtyard demolition took place at the house on Saturday and it made me realize that we really don’t have too much more to do over there now that we’re starting the exterior work.  In the past couple of months it’s been feeling like we’ll never actually finish but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m more excited than ever to move back in!

To celebrate our collaboration, Marika is offering Currently Crushing readers a 30% discount through August 31, 2014 on all purchases at MARIKA.COM