Mother’s Day 2020

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Spending time with my mother and my daughter is something I treasure more than ever these days. When I was younger I took it for granted that my mother would always be there for me and I’m sure my daughters felt the same way when they were little. The easy-going way we laugh together and share memories and our dreams for the future is one of the greatest joys in my life. As Mother’s Day approaches I find myself thinking about the things that I’ve learned from my mom and also reflecting on what I’ve learned from my daughter, Ava.

My mom personifies ‘Style’ in every aspect of her life. I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up with my mom’s beautiful taste in decor and the way she was always perfectly dressed for each occasion. Mom’s motto has always been “Dress like it’s the best day of your life”. From carefully chosen dinner plates and cloth napkins for even the most casual dinner, to the way she accessorizes the outfits she wears to her exercise classes, my mom has always set a chic example of looking your best and enjoying the finer things in life. I see so much of my mom in myself in the way that I work hard to create a beautiful, welcoming home.

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Even though my style is inherently more laid-back than my mom’s, and even through all of the many different style phases I experimented with when I was growing up (Rocker, Preppy, Punk, Sporty, Librarian Chic, French Girl), I have always found joy in pulling together my looks and finding just the right accessories. Most days I think about my mom when I’m getting dressed and always add a little extra bit of glam and a spritz of perfume. Thanks, Mom!

From the moment my daughter Ava came in to my life she has been a bright, fun and energetic ray of sunshine with a strong, determined nature and an extremely compassionate heart. Raising Ava and watching her grow from a little girl to a confident young woman and recent law school graduate, fills me with such joy. I feel proud of all the things that I think she has learned from me and I am in awe of all that my daughter has taught me.

One of the things I admire about my daughter is that she has always had an extremely strong sense of her own personal style. Unlike me in my experimental style phases when I was growing up, Ava has stayed true to her uniquely relaxed sporty-chic style and it suits her so well. My daughter has definitely taught me about honing in on my own personal style and inspired me to create a wardrobe that is uniquely ‘me’. Defining my style has helped me become a better shopper because I have a clear idea of what I need each season and packing for a trip has become a breeze.

Our love for Chico’s began with Mom, who has always relied on their chic pieces and loves the personal service she gets in her local store. My own love affair with Chico’s started about a year ago when I tried my first pair of their Girlfriend jeans and was immediately enamored with the fit and quality. From there, I started adding more Chico’s styles and jewelry to my wardrobe and I love how easy it is now for me to pull together a chic ensemble.

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Ava is our family’s newest Chico’s fan and it all began a few months back when she borrowed one of my favorite Chico’s lightweight boat-neck sweaters and then wanted to keep it. As a young woman just starting to build her post-college wardrobe, Ava discovered that Chico’s has the perfect, high-quality polished basics to help her look professional while still keeping true to her own style. Now we’re three generations of Chico’s fans and, as you can tell from these pictures, we’re happiest when we are laughing and having fun together!

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