Naked Princess

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved pretty sleepwear.  I remember getting new PJ’s and robes for Christmas when I was little and being just as excited about them as the toys that Santa brought.  Even though I was a bit of a tomboy (seriously, always on my bike, skates, skateboard, pogo stick, etc) I loved feeling and smelling pretty at bedtime.  Does anyone else remember that Tinkerbell perfume and scented powder?

This luxurious satin PJ set from Naked Princess is so totally cute and comfy that I feel like lounging around in it all day!  Have you tried any Naked Princess beauty products?  I just tried the scented dry oil and hand and body lotion and love how they make my skin look and feel, plus their lip glosses are just perfect.

You can see more pretty sleep and lounge wear plus beauty products from Naked Princess right here.