Natural Makeup Products to Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

Beyoncé may wake up looking #flawless, but the rest of us may need a little help. I’ve compiled a handy list of how natural makeup products bring out your best features, and which ones are best to use.

L’eclisse Cosmetics

lip glossBeautifully packaged, and one of the best natural makeup products around, L’eclisse Cosmetics is committed to providing their beauty buyers with all-organic skin and lip products. These gems do not use synthetic perfumes, dyes, fillers, or oils, and they are great for use on even the most sensitive skin.

What to Buy: Try L’eclisse’s Natural Lip Gloss in Rose Quartz—it’s a phenomenal color, and it smells and tastes yummy, too!

Josie Maran

Who doesn’t love a good model-turned-beauty-dynamo story? I sure do, and that’s why the gorgeous Josie Maran is on my list. A true nature lover, Josie thought that there was a lack of natural makeup products in the beauty industry. She started a skincare and makeup line that was both high-end and eco-friendly, using only non-toxic, gentle products.

What to Buy: Josie is known for her argan oils, so I suggest her Argan Black Oil Mascara. This mascara comes in a pretty blue Moroccan-inspired tube and is a fabulous volumizer.

Dr. Hauschka

I love Dr. Hauschka’s products for the simple reason that he believes makeup should improve your skin—not harm it. That’s a pretty good philosophy to have. Dr. Hauschka studied the life and energy of the natural world and saw the presence of rhythm in all living things. He was a scientist who discovered through rhythmical processing that he could create a water-based rose extract that would last for over 30 years. How cool is that?

What to Buy: I love Dr. Hauschka’s liquid concealer—it covers, protects, and basically does everything a great concealer should do, without clogging your pores. Its nurturing botanicals soothe redness and irritation.

Physician’s Formula

Readily available at your local drugstore, products from Physician’s Formula bring out your best features in an organic way. Never too consuming, the makeup brand provides complimentary and matching colors for skin tones to bring out your eyes or lips, and is 100% GMO-free.

What to Buy: Who doesn’t love a little bronzer boost, especially when winter is rolling in? Try Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting BB Cream SPF 20 for a healthy glow.

For more on organic, natural makeup lines that I’m Currently Crushing on, check out the website.

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