New Beauty Favorites

new skin cosmetics

I’m just beginning to pack my bags for this week’s trip to NYC and trying to narrow down my beauty necessities is becoming quite difficult.  I’ve tried so many new skin cosmetics over the past month (many of them from that fun Sephora Beauty Class) but the clear winners are all right here to share with you.  A couple of these are old timers that I just revived and I’m wondering why I ever stopped using them.

I’ve always heard about dry ‘Winter’ skin but for some reason, this Summer has really taken a toll on my skin and I’ve been battling dryness for the past month.  I went back to Jergens BB Body cream and my February fashion week favorite Yon Ka hand cream and I’m glad I did – both are coming with me to NYFW.  Kypris Beauty’s Antioxident Dew has been part of my nighttime routine for the past 4 weeks and I’m waking up to a soft, dewy-feeling face (it’s such an amazing product that there’s a waitlist for it!) plus Skin Owl’s eye+  has done an amazing job of plumping and smoothing my under-eye area and I’ve used it all over my face as a primer a few times, too.

Dior’s Airflash spray foundation is my new skin cosmetics favorite and provides a light, luminous coverage that I’m hooked on.  I spray it directly on to that Sephora airbrush foundation brush and then dab and swirl it over my face for a smooth, airbrushed look.  I’ve been craving pinky-pink cheeks lately and Bare Mineral’s READY blush in Faux Pas gives me the girly flushed look I’ve been going for.  For my lips I’ve been alternating between Advanced Mineral Makeup’s luxury lip gloss in ‘Nancy’  and back to my old favorite Nars Fast Ride for a Fall-ready mulberry tone.

I’m loving the soft smudgy look of Givenchy’s Ombre Couture cream eyeshadow in ‘Rose Dentelle’ and my latest mascara crush is the Urban Decay Lash Perversion that came as part of a set with the Lash Subversion primer.  Usually I wash all of my makeup brushes once a week with shampoo but I’ve added another step this Summer and have been using a quick spray of Sephora’s Citrus Brush Cleaner on my foundation and blush brushes after each use and now I can’t imagine not using it.

I think these new favorites plus an eyeliner and brow pencil will be all I’ll need to pack, cosmetics-wise, for this week’s trip to Fashion Week.  I’d love to hear about your latest new skin cosmetics!