Ondine Karady’s SATC-inspired Home

currently crushing, sex and the city inspired apartmentThere’s nothing quite like walking in to a home and getting a feel for the person who lives there.  A home that’s filled with sentimental objects, souvenirs from exotic travel and signs of a life well-lived is always more appealing to me than a space that looks too professionally staged.

As a major fan of Sex and the City and all things Carrie Bradshaw, I was especially thrilled to come across these shots of former Sex and the City set designer Ondine Karady’s Brooklyn apartment.  Karady has filled her home with vintage pieces and flea market finds along with sentimental favorites from the set of Sex and the City…



currently crushing, sex and the city apartmentThe painting hanging over Karady’s bed is from one of Charlotte’s art galleries and those Pucci print drapes below are straight from Carrie’s apartment:

currently crushing, sex and the city inspired apartmentOne of my favorite pieces in Ondine Karady’s home is the art deco desk which sits in her entryway and was originally seen in Mr. Big’s apartment:

currently crushing, sex and the city inspired apartment(images via Houzz)

I love how Ondine Karady filled her home with these eclectic and sentimental pieces.  I think Carrie Bradshaw would have been right at home in this setting and even though we don’t get a peek at the closet, I’m sure that it must be equally Carrie-esque.