Pageant of the Masters

IMG_3796Last night I attended my first Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach!  This lovely lady, Jeanette, was my hostess for the event and her energy, charitable endeavors and joie de vivre inspire me on a daily basis.  Jeanette invited a large group of friends to join her for a visit to the art exhibit across the street from the pageant, then an incredible meal al fresco at the Tivoli Terrace restaurant followed by the pageant itself.

IMG_3800IMG_3804IMG_3813The Pageant of the Masters has been held every summer since 1933 with only a four year interruption caused by World War II.  This was Jeanette’s 40th year in attendance and I was thrilled to be her guest and learn more about the pageant’s rich history.

3 greek girlsThe festival is known for it’s ‘tableaux vivants’ – living pictures – in which classical and contemporary works of art are recreated by real people who are made to look nearly identical to the original.

2 fontana di treviThe pageant is held for eight weeks each summer and consists of 90 minutes of ‘living pictures’ accompanied by a narrator and an orchestra.  Traditionally, the last picture of the night is ‘The Last Supper’

1 last supperWe brought binoculars so we could see the faces up close.  I was amazed at the makeup on these performers and tickled each time I could see them blink – a reminder that these were real people!  This was such a great experience for me and I highly recommend it.  You can find out more about the pageant by clicking here!

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