Phoenix Forever 21 Haul

currently crushing, forever 21 red phoenix sale jewelry, sweater forever 21 velvet quilted bag


I took a last minute flight up to Phoenix this weekend; my dad had to go to the hospital but is fortunately doing a little better now. I was so nervous when I got the phone call that I booked a flight, threw a few things in my carry-on and left for the airport in 25 minutes.


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My mom was pretty nervous and didn’t want to fly alone so I took a quick flight up to the Bay Area and then we flew together to Phoenix.  Once we checked on my dad and then checked in to a hotel I realized that i only packed one change of clothes, 6 pair of undies, no jewelry whatsoever and only my IT Cosmetics foundation and favorite Urban Decay mascara.

Once we realized that my dad was doing alright we decided to grab a bite to eat and shop for a few of the things I forgot to pack. Whole Foods has the best pizza and that Sedona sparkling water was delicious.


currently crushing, sedona water whole foods phoenix


I was able to find a Forever 21 within a few miles of the hotel and got a pair of jeans, a cute white blouse, a lemon yellow cardigan, that quilted velvet bag and lots of fun jewelry.  I can’t count how many times I’ve been saved by a quick trip to Forever 21 or H&M when I’m traveling.  Here’s a round-up of all the things I found at the Forever 21 in Phoenix: