Pre-LuckyFabb Events

1(13)Yesterday was an action-packed day filled with events leading up to today’s LuckyFabb conference – and we did it all on only 4 hours of sleep…



My sweet blogger friend Melissa arrived from NYC a little after midnight Thursday morning and we hit the ground running just a few hours later for a ‘Fashion for Breakfast’ networking event at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.  My frittata was fantastic and the Nutella crepes were out of this world:

2(12)From Cecconi’s we headed right over to Beverly Hills for some window shopping and a light lunch at Villa Blanca:

3(12)After stopping at Saks to visit the shoe department and get a quick makeup touch-up we went right to Blow Me Away for a shampoo, blow-out and hairstyling that was inspired by Wendy’s new salad menu.  I chose the Salad Spinner because I’m always looking for more volume.  We were also treated to Wendy’s new Asian Cashew Chicken Salad and I loved it – crunchy, sweet and a tiny bit spicy…

4(14)6(8)5(12)We were all tickled with our glamorous ‘do’s!  From the Wendy’s event we skeedaddled over to Chagoury on Melrose to view their beautiful gowns and were welcomed with this tasty spread:

7(8)8(4)The gowns were stunning and this red one was my very favorite:

b(4)a(5)c(4)Rachael looked so pretty in this Chagoury jumpsuit:

d(5)After our visit to Chagoury we went straight to King’s Road Cafe to relax, enjoy the sunshine and catch up over coffee:

e(6)From there we skedaddled over to the Sexy Hair Soiree where we were greeted with cocktails, appetizers and treated to glamorous hair styles from the Sexy Hair team:

k(5)l(3)m(2)n(3)I love busy, fun days like this and expect more of the same for the next two days of LuckyFabb.  Thank you so much for following along and I hope you have a great weekend!