Rose Kennedy Cocktail

currently crushing cocktails rose kennedyLast week’s travels led me to a fabulously fun bar in Hell’s Kitchen where they were serving a pretty pink drink which I had never seen before.  Apparently, the ‘Rose Kennedy’ is an East Coast version of the popular Vodka Soda Splash, or VSS as it’s known here on the West Coast.  Pink and bubbly, this drink is perfect for warm LA temperatures and, in light of Mother’s Day, is a fitting way to honor the matriarch of the Kennedy clan, Rose Kennedy.


currently crushing cocktails rose kennedy

If you’re looking for an easy, refreshing and light drink to serve this Summer, then the Rose Kennedy cocktail is for you.  Ingredients and preparation are simple:



– 1 part sparkling water
– 1 part vodka
– splash of cranberry juice
– lime wedge or twirl
– ice cubes



1. Chill your prettiest cocktail or highball glasses until frosted.

2. Put ice cubes into the glass. Pour in the sparkling water and vodka in equal amounts then add a splash of cranberry juice for a pretty pink color.

3. Garnish with a lime wedge on the edge of the glass or peel the lime skin into a twirl and float it in the glass.